Friday, 8 February 2013

Friendship will never be end.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"Friendship will never be end.." the main topic today. Okay. It's actually my English oral texts. It's about my, lets start.

Since form 2, I've three bestfriends. Everything we did together. Making jokes and fun just like this world is ours. We became more closer when four of us gathered up on that day. I do not really sure how it happened. But, on that moment, we're happy being together. They're Sofia Adila bt. Aminudin, Aizzanum Roshayaty bt. Ahmad Mubarak and  Nurul Izzatie bt. Zulkifli. We seemto have the same ideas in almost everything, be it books, foods, hobbies, secrets & others. Of course, we still get into quarrel. It's a normal thing, right? But, at the end we always end up laughing over the problems or misunderstanding.

For me, it's the most precious moment I've ever had n my life. It become more happening when they came into my life. I fonly I could turn back to the past, i would like to stay on that moment. The moment when four of us were still being together. But now, I don't think that it'll become true. Bcs, three of them are not here anymore. There's only me left in the class.

To be honest, it's the hardest & saddest thing for me to let them go. But, it's for their bright future though. Aizza moved out from here since in the end year of 2010. She went to SMK Putra Perdana, Puchong because her mother was tranfers there. But, we shouldn't make the gap betweenus as the reason whe we can't contact each other. With the internet technology, it's very helpful for us to stay keep in touch eventhough we're far away from each other. But, for now, she went to SMS BANTING (BASIS) due to her PMR results last two years.

In 2011, tere was only Sopie, zatie & me left in that class. We still did everything together. But, it was exactly not the same when there're four of us. We made it through together, with our success in PMR last two years. Sopie & Aizza got straight As, Zatie got 7As while I just gor 5As in PMR. But nevermind, I still felt bery thankful and lucky because I've friends who gave godd influence to me. Thus, as their friend, I'm proud of them. They deserved the best.

Everything seems to be changed when it comes into 2012. Both of Sopie & zatie were leaving e alone too. It's hard for me to say goodbye to them. It's just like breaking my heart into thousand pieces.. Eventhough, I didn't cry infront of them, but deep in my heart, it really hurts me. I cried a lot in my heart. Only Allah swt knows how I felt on that moment. Well said, the invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away.

You know someone is a true friend when, you are about to break down and cry, but they'll say the stupidest, most of random thing just to make you smile. Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there.  Since they moved, my life was not like before. Eventhough we're  being apart, we still contact one other. But as a friend, I'll always give moral support and pray for their success. For you information, Sopie and I were bestfriends since in standard three.

I know life goes on. I should find another friends. But, for me they're the best friends that I've ever had. On last 1st of February, Sopie sents me a friendship quote : 

"I dont care which color you wear. How you style your hair. I dont mind which sports you play or even how you live day to day. I just bother what is inside. And I tell you there's nothing for you to hide. I hope you'll never be blue and always see what I see in you. I just know I dont want to lose you, because I'll never find another you."

Thank you.